Movie Trivia and Fun Facts

Did you know?

The film is set in 2010.

The movie took a long time to release although it has been in development since 1996. It had many challenges, and it wasn’t until Jonathan Frakes decided to take on the project in July, 2002 that it finally had a move on.

During the film’s production, there were many script changes. From the plot to the climax scene and the scenario involved, there were a few changes before it finally came to the Bank of London finale.

Lady Penelope’s car, the FAB 1 is a Rolls Royce in the TV series; however, in the movie, it is a custom designed car made at a studio with Ford Motors allowing them use of the current Thunderbird model.

In the entire movie, Fermat was consistently pronounced as ‘fur-mat’; however, his name should have been pronounced as ‘fair-mah’.

Patrick Stewart and Anthony Hopkins were both considered for the role of The Hood, but they turned it down as they were not a fan of the TV series.

Actors Leonardo DiCarpio and Matt Damon were considered for the role of Alan Tracy.

Some of the actresses considered for the role of Lady Penelope included Kristin Scott Thomas, Elizabeth Hurley, and Joanna Lumley. The role eventually went to Sophia Myles.

Actor Pete Postlethwaite was considered for the role of Parker, and Sylvester McCoy also auditioned. The role eventually went to Ron Cook.

Director Jonathan Frakes made a cameo appearance in the movie. He is the policeman who apprehended The Hood towards the end.

Director Frakes’ wife Genie Francis can also be seen in the movie, she was the newscaster.

In the movie, the right time zones were not observed. Case in point, when Alan was picked up from his school, it was in the middle of the afternoon in Massachusetts and should have been morning in Tracy Island, but instead, it was already dinner time.

The reason why Rolls Royce declined to take on the project was that they have misgivings that if the film should flop in the box office, their reputation and sales would also be affected. Good foresight on the part of Rolls Royce.

Although the movie finished filming with $3 million to spare from the original budget, director Jonathan Frakes stated that it would be likely for him to receive a feature directing assignment in quite a while as the movie was a huge flop in the box office.